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Got Great Ideas for the Next Kick-A$$ App, But Don't Know Where to Start?

Have you ever had that “AHA” moment, when you get an idea for the next big killer application (that you can’t believe you hadn’t thought of long before)? You get all excited and ready to start building, but actually not sure where to start or which platform to use. This type of situation happens quite often as many entrepreneurs and developers have trouble transforming a brilliant idea to a legitimate business.  But thanks to the Salesforce Cloud Platform and AppExchange Marketplace, building and distributing a kick-ass application via the Force.com platform is the fastest and easiest way to bring an idea to success. Hear from leading Salesforce.com partners who did just that and shared their stories during last month’s Business App Bootcamp – Garage to Glory: Stories from the Front Lines – featuring Blakely Graham, Co-Founder of Bracket Labs, David Hecht, Founder of CloudAmp, Jeremy Roche, President & CEO of FinancialForce.com, and Stacey Epstein, VP of Marketing at ServiceMax.
Also hear from Sequoia Capital about the massive opportunity they’re seeing in the enterprise for entrepreneurs, developers, and ISVs to build business apps that work with the same ease as consumer apps.
Turn an AHA moment, into a life-changer.
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