Got a Spreadsheet Hangover?

Got a Spreadsheet Hangover?

Spreadsheet Hangover
Spreadsheets are relied upon by companies large and small for making big-time business decisions. And as troubling as it may be to hear, research shows that more often than not, spreadsheets actually create the problems that put you and your business at risk every day. To think that the future of your company can fall to a single formula error? It’s a scary thought that can keep finance and accounting teams up at night. Have we gone overboard with our reliance on desktop spreadsheets? They’ve been around for decades, but we haven’t evolved our use much to meet the growing needs of our rapidly changing workforce. How do you use a spreadsheet on a smartphone anyway? And if you’ve tried, its terrible! Desktop spreadsheets were not designed for our increasingly mobile and social workforce. And the hours spent fixing the issues created by them can be grossly inefficient and just downright ridiculous. This topic begs the question – “How reliable is the information in your spreadsheet?” How many have touched the data before it fell into your hands? It’s like a game of “telephone” and you can’t be sure if what you’re being told is right. This is a huge problem that can cause serious confusion and a big migraine. Check out this trailer adapted from the movie “the hangover”. It features three finance guys who experience the worst spreadsheet hangover of their lives. Anyone in accounting can relate. What this video doesn’t show is that with FinancialForce Accounting, you don’t have to worry about spreadsheet errors because your accounting system and your CRM system (Salesforce) are connected. This means no rekeying information and a single source of truth. And with the FinancialForce XL add-in, users can import, export, and format spreadsheets as needed, but with full confidence that their information is both accurate and secure. Don’t you feel your hangover going away already? Visit to find the ultimate cure for your hangover.

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