As G-Cloud supplier, FinancialForce sees growth in the UK public sector

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As G-Cloud supplier, FinancialForce sees growth in the UK public sector

FinancialForce’s support of UK public sector organisations continues as today we announce notable customer wins of the National Audit Office (NAO) and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Moving towards a more digitally innovative government

The UK Government has been actively moving to more digital and technology innovation for some time in order to deliver better public services for less. FinancialForce’s growing number of public sector wins show recognition of the efficiency cloud apps can bring.

Moving to a single platform strategy

It’s no secret that our apps can help businesses transform how they operate and moving more closely to a single platform strategy can enable both public and private sector companies to spend resources in the most efficient way possible.

FinancialForce is helping Central Government bodies and Agencies transform their back office operations by providing solutions that automate the provisioning of resources (people) onto Projects, Audits, Programmes and Activities in such a way that gives clear transparency into costs and effectiveness of the usage of such resources.

The ability to provide an end to end solution from resource allocation and management through to Finance and Human Capital Management, all delivered as a pure Cloud SaaS offering, is proving attractive to the public sector. Many organisations seek new and better ways to transform their internal processes and systems using new, modern applications that minimise integration points and data silos – while providing key information and reporting with built in social media for collaboration.

The FCA adopted FinancialForce PSA (Professional Services Automation) for its Supervision division to enhance project visibility and introduce a more standardised way of working.

Available on the public sector digital marketplace

It’s easy for other public sector organisations to reap the benefits. As a G-Cloud supplier for over two years now, FinancialForce apps are available on the ‘Digital Marketplace’, an online service giving public sector organisations access to purchase from all G-Cloud approved suppliers. The marketplace has also recently celebrated its second birthday and announced total spend of over £1.5 billion and over 1 million visits.

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