From server room to beer fermentation room: Switching from Quickbooks to FinancialForce

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From server room to beer fermentation room: Switching from Quickbooks to FinancialForce

When servers become obsolete for your business, what will your server room be used for instead? After switching to the cloud for their inventory and financial management needs, New Jersey-based Manufacturers Edge now uses the space for fermenting beer. Happy hour, anyone?

Manufacturers Edge is a diverse company, manufacturing and distributing a variety of fluid handling equipment like pumps for the beer brewing industry, marine air conditioning, sprinkler pumps, in addition to importing and exporting other products, such as guitars.

Before switching to FinancialForce, they were using QuickBooks, which was unable to help them consolidate balance sheets until year-end, had no granularity, scalability or CRM connection. Aspects of their reporting and customer data were overwhelming the application itself.

Benefits of switching from Quickbooks to FinancialForce

With FinancialForce, the team is able to analyze brand lines and really granulate what they’re selling. They are able to decide if they should purchase or build or manufacture additional items. They are able to make better purchasing and manufacturing decisions within the company. Whereas before, rich analysis was not possible in QuickBooks.

Unlike their competitors that do not have cloud-based operations, Manufacturers Edge is able to operate with less people, working with the resources they already have and expand the company by automating processes across the business.

To hear how they’ve been able to cut down their month-end processes from two weeks to four days and increase their margins by five percentage points after switching from Quickbooks to FinancialForce, watch the video below and be sure to read their full story here.


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