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FREE milk tea and boba at Dreamforce? YUP! Better together Q&A with Boba Guys

Boba milk tea is a big thing in San Francisco - it's trendy, caffeinated and tastes amazing. That's why we want to bring FREE BOBA to Dreamforce 2015!

To bring the true SF boba experience to you, Boba Guys will be handing out their amazing, organic boba milk tea creations in front of ERPcentral at MoAD - 685 Mission street (at third) - on us. All you need to do is show up from noon to 3pm on Tuesday-Thursday, present your Dreamforce 2015 pass and pick from a selection of 5 delicious, handmade flavors - Classic Milk Tea, Jasmine Milk Tea, Strawberry Jasmine Tea Fresca, Thai Iced Tea and Horchata.

Boba Guys is a truly unique San Francisco business. To get better acquainted, we sat down with the boba guys themselves, the owners, Bin Chen and Andrew Chau.

Boba Guys
Bin Chen and Andrew Chau - Boba Guys

Here's what they had to say about Boba Guys, Dreamforce and some sound advice for small businesses:

1. How did you guys get started in this business? 

Bin Chen: We started Boba Guys with the goal of serving high quality boba milk tea as an experimental food popup inside a San Francisco ramen restaurant in 2011. At the time, Andrew and I didn’t have a business plan, a customer base, or even a proper kitchen.

We both had full-time jobs, but our passion for changing the way people think about boba and tea kept us working nights and weekends on this little project.

What started as two guys with a rice cooker, bags of boba, some tea and a square reader is now two storefronts with two more on the way.

2. What is different and special about your drinks/company as opposed to others in the industry?

Bin Chen: Three things that make us different from the rest:
1.) We only brew high-quality loose leaf teas, no powders.
2.) We use Straus Family Creamery organic milk, no non-dairy creamer powders or budget milks.
3.) We make our own housemade syrup, no fructose.

3. What do you think about Dreamforce as an event?

Bin Chen: Dreamforce is an incredible physical manifestation of the impact that software has. It’s one thing to change the way how people do business in the digital age, but Dreamforce really drives home the idea the magnitude of it all. Only Burning Man and Dreamforce have this kind of visible impact on the city!

4. Can you offer any advice to startups/small business attending Dreamforce?

Bin Chen: For Boba Guys, our core values are quality, transparency, and giving a damn. We established these early on and it’s made all the difference. Decision-making and communicating why we do the things we do is so much easier. It’s also shaped our company culture and the type of people we attract to join our company. Our advice is to lay the groundwork when you’re just beginning. Beyond a certain point, your culture is set.

5. Which flavor do you think will sell out at our giveaway next week?

Andrew Chau: Strawberry Jasmine Tea Fresca boba!

6. What are 2 things that are great alone but better together in SF (other than BOBA and Milk Tea)?

Andrew Chau: Designers and Engineers!

Thanks Bin and Andrew, we can't wait to see you at Dreamforce to share the BOBA love! Get the details on all of our Dreamforce happenings here.

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