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It's Force.com MVP for Chris Peterson!

Hats off to FinancialForce.com’s Chris Peterson – just named Force.com MVP, a much coveted title in the Salesforce world. Chris, you make us proud.  Chris was named part of the Winter ’14 MVP class and to quote the Salesforce appointment news, “the talent just keeps getting stronger and stronger.” At FinancialForce.com, we revere him as one our brightest and most socially active developers who goes above and beyond to share and his knowledge and expertise within the Force.com forums and social channels (and of course shares lots of nuggets for his colleagues at FinancialForce.com as well). On Twitter, Chris ca_peterson describes himself as Sr. PSA Developer FinancialForce; Winter14 Force.com MVP; and “Physically incapable of being serious for long periods of time.” We beg to differ on that last attribute but truly appreciate the fun and witty banter he brings to the community, his job and FinancialForce.com. The MVP Program has been around since December 2011, and recognizes exceptional individuals within the Salesforce Community for their leadership, expertise and ongoing contributions. These individuals answer countless questions and Tweets, contribute to others on our Salesforce Success Community and Developer Forums, write helpful blog posts, lead user groups, submit top ideas, write and share complex formulas, share best practices and more. The Winter ’14 MVP class added nine new additions, and re-rewarded 31 MVPs who will be serving another year as MVPs, including someone we know quite well, FinancialForce.com CTO, Andy Fawcett. Congrats to you as well Andy. To both Chris and Andy, keep up the good work!
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