ranks #1 in Forbes 'Best Cloud Companies to Work for' list

FinancialForce News and Insights ranks #1 in Forbes 'Best Cloud Companies to Work for' list

Want to work for the best cloud company? (And it’s not us calling ourselves that). Forbes just featured as the #1 cloud company to work for and Jeremy Roche, the highest ranked CEO – in yesterday’s article Best Cloud Computing Companies and CEOs to Work For in 2014.  The list was generated using analysis from CRN and, where companies were ranked confidentially and directly by employees. I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of this company and team of people that makes it what it is. As we embark on entering an exciting new space with our cloud ERP (at Customer Speed) solution, the commitment and exuberance of the staff across every department has never been so high. virtual jeremy rocheSo what is it about that makes it such a cool place to work? Some would say it starts at the top, with our energetic CEO, @Jeremy Roche.  But the cool thing about Jeremy is that he wouldn’t like that characterization.  He would be the first to tell you that it is the people of that makes it special.  The truth is, it’s the combination of both. One attracts and motivates the other, creating a great vibe in the company for people to grow and prosper. Thank you Forbes for confirming what many of us already knew. If you’re interested in joining, we have plenty of openings. Find your next adventure in United States, United Kingdom, SpainCanada and Australia.
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