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First phase done, more '2go'…

We announced a couple of weeks ago that we had already completed development of the end-to-end sales invoicing process for CODA 2go. Hitting that milestone was a real validation of our approach to developing the application – the combination of CODA’s 25+ years experience in developing international accounting systems, combined with the technology platform, is allowing us to deliver a robust on-demand finance application at a good speed. Sales invoicing represents a successful first development phase, and there are more process areas to come before we get to the first release of the product, but it now gives us some product to start talking to beta clients about.

Meanwhile the platform keeps improving (see our comments on the Salesforce announcements) and our experience with the platform is growing. The level of drive and excitement inside CODA is stronger than ever, and only matched by the anticipation in the market. As always, watch this space…

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