First Developer User Group in Spain!!!

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First Developer User Group in Spain!!!

A couple of months ago, Andy Fawcett talked with me about a Salesforce event that has been celebrated around the world, Developer User Group or DUG. Many colleagues from our Harrogate office usually go to the one organized in Leeds, UK. And we thought, why don’t we create a group in Spain? So here we go, on 27th September we will have our first DUG in Bilbao.

The main goal of these meetings is to talk about Salesforce Platform topics, share knowledge and learn more about how people work on a daily basis. We would like to offer a dynamic meeting where everybody is encouraged to share whatever they think could be useful. As a developer you could have lots of ideas, some big, some small, and it is not always easy to know if they will be of interest to others, but I have learned from experience that there will always be someone who finds your comments helpful. So never stop sharing!!

Because of that, I will try to encourage attendees to participate in the meeting as much as possible. For example, by suggesting topics for discussion, by leading discussions, and by suggesting other things that the DUG could cover. I have scheduled some time to think about what we can cover at the first DUG, but your ideas are welcome. It would be useful if we could talk about topics that are of interest to all of us. In addition, Salesforce provides us with some material for these meetings, including some really useful guides that will help us research topics and prepare for future meetings.

Another reason we wanted to get involved in this project is because of all the knowledge that can offer to the community. We have been working with the platform for the last 5 years, so we would like to share our experiences related to development, coding best practices, building, packaging, supporting and releasing ISV solutions and the development process across UK, US and Spain.

My expectation is that at the end of the meeting, attendees not only remember the coffee and pintxos they took during the break, but that they have had an enjoyable afternoon, talking about the platform, sharing their own knowledge and hopefully getting some extra knowledge that could help them improve the way they work, and feeling inspired to encourage more colleagues to come to the next DUG.

So if you are not a member of Spain Salesforce Developer User Group yet, join us and confirm your attendance. We look forward to meeting you on 27th September at our first DUG in Bilbao.

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