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FinancialForce4Good February 2015: SF-Marin Food Bank

When you think of the number 50,000, what comes to mind? Maybe the number of songs you can store in your Google Play account? Or the approximate number of words in The Great Gatsby? Perhaps the number of bonus miles you just scored on your newest credit card?

While all of those might technically be right, you probably can’t say that any really benefit our community, let alone contribute to the nourishment of over 225,000 people in need in the San Francisco Bay Area.

In the latest installment of FinancialForce4Good, our San Francisco-based team came together with other volunteers at the SF-Marin Food Bank over a two-day period. In a collective effort, we helped sort and pack over 50,000 pounds of mandarin oranges, apples and carrots ultimately destined for children, families, schools and other partnering organizations that support “farmer’s market style pantries” to help aid and end hunger.

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The SF Marin Food Bank, with locations in both Novato and San Francisco, CA, has a mission to end hunger in San Francisco and Marin counties. It goes without saying that this is a huge undertaking that gets more difficult as communities across the Bay Area struggle to adjust to periods of economic distress. But thanks to thousands of donors, volunteers and supporters, the Food Bank has been able to scale their operations to continue to provide a vital lifeline to those in need. “Last year, volunteers provided 146,000 hours of help — the equivalent of 70 full time staff and a critical support toward ending hunger.”

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Thanks, SF Marin Food Bank. The team is excited to have had the chance to contribute to such a generous and prominent organization that positively impacts so many people in our communities. We’ll be back again soon.

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