FinancialForce tops the GitHub Apex developers charts

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FinancialForce tops the GitHub Apex developers charts

Back in 2012 our R&D teams started to engage with the Salesforce Community through an event many of you might have heard something about, known as Dreamforce. As is customary with DevZone presentations at this event we shared supporting code. GitHub was and still is a great place for social coding and open source.

Since then we have continued to present and share at Dreamforce as well as Developer User Groups and other events. Through our ongoing activities in the related GitHub repositories, as well as great contributions from the community, I am delighted to see us currently placed as number 1 in the GitHub Awards for Apex developers on GitHub, followed by the excellent Salesforce Foundation projects, Labs.

GitHub Awards

Those involved with FinancialForce’s open source repositories through GitHub can draw great pride and motivation from this achievement, well done all!

For disclosure purposes, is not associated with GitHub itself.


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