Taking home the “You’re Inspired” trophy

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Taking home the “You’re Inspired” trophy

For the second year in a row, a group of enthusiastic entrepreneurs in the FinancialForce Harrogate office has taken part in the You’re Inspired Challenge run by local care center Saint Michael’s Hospice, one of the partner charities in our philanthropic initiative, FinancialForce4Good.

The team was given a £100 loan and the month of October to raise as much money as they could, competing against eight other local businesses to raise the most funds.  We are proud to announce FinancialForce did just that and took home this year’s “You’re Inspired” trophy.  

“You’re Inspired”—by the numbers

22 Virtual Running Club Members ran over 1,191 km in four different countries and three continents: 

19 people took part in the virtual reality Superhot Super Challenge. They died 245 times but killed 416 enemies:

Eight members of our executive team smashed 35 eggs—only 28 were hard-boiled—on their heads: 

Seven models wore 35 dresses donated by a New York-based fashion house, and strutted down the runway 42 times:

10 teams of five competed in a pub quiz, with one wooden spoon awarded to the losing team:

27 walkers hiked the Yorkshire 3 Peaks, a 24-mile-long challenge with a 5000 ft ascent. The quickest team finished in 8 hours, 7 minutes:

Finally, we hosted a bake-off, a FIFA tournament, a ping pong tournament, a sweet shop, a curry lunch, and sold over 600 raffle tickets for the 17 prizes we had received as donations from local businesses:

A huge thank you to all those who supported us, and special thanks to our four corporate sponsors—Somerford Associates, C-Stem, Storm Technologies, and Mimecast—whose kind sponsorship helped motivate the Yorkshire 3 Peaks walkers.

In total, the teams taking part in this year’s “You’re Inspired Campaign” raised a brilliant £36,801.56. These funds help Saint Michael’s offer five weeks of care at the hospice’s inpatient unit, where their team of experts helps those in need to manage their symptoms so they can continue to live their lives and do the things they love for as long as possible. It will also fund more than 600 home visits to help people in our community stay in their own homes for as long as possible.

The numbers just from FinancialForce? 

31 days
744 hours
10 committee members
Hundreds of helpers and supporters…

…and a total of £16,908.12 raised for Saint Michael’s Hospice.

(Plus MEX$10 and €0.04—for good luck!)

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