FinancialForce Community Spotlight: Q&A with Linda McIntosh

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FinancialForce Community Spotlight: Q&A with Linda McIntosh

The FinancialForce Community underwent a facelift at the end of 2016 and as a result we’re seeing our wonderful customers getting even more engaged in the forums along with a boost in membership. Community is where fellow customers help each other out with tips, advice and best practice as well as test new features and products with our product teams. For anyone not yet involved in the FinancialForce Community, I highly recommend getting in there as soon as possible and start realizing its value! 

One major highlight has been the major boost in activity in one of our previously quieter product groups, the HCM group. Leading the charge has been Linda McIntosh, Global Project Manager for Green Belting Industries where, in a little under a year, she has become one of our community’s leading lights, providing value to her fellow customers with her insights and experience.

As we reboot our Community Spotlight feature here for 2017, I thought Linda was the perfect person for our first post of the year.

Linda, tell us a bit about Green Belting Industries:

Green Belting Industries, A PTFE Group of Companies is a global company with locations in the United States, Canada, Italy and the United Kingdom.  We are a leading manufacturer of specialty-coated performance fabrics, tapes and belts used in a wide range of manufacturing, packaging, maintenance and repair environments around the world.  Our products are used in many industries including Aviation, Renewable Energy and Consumer Products just to name a few.

And what is your role there?

As Global Project Manager, I am an integral part of the global strategic team which identifies and develops processes and tooling to improve how we interact with our external and internal customers. I am responsible for implementing and managing all of our integrated and native Salesforce applications.

Which FinancialForce products do you currently use and what benefits do you see from them?

We are currently using FinancialForce HCM.  Before we purchased it, we were inundated with paperwork and had no central repository.  Accessing information could sometimes be a real challenge.  Although we did have some HR processes, they were not very well documented and we had gaps that needed to be addressed. We have seen some huge benefits from FinancialForce HCM including:

* Lower cost of operation by eliminating ‘paper’ work and manual handling that goes with it.   This also eliminated the possibility of misplacing documents.
* Automating/streamlining our processes.
* Instantaneous visibility for all key stakeholders in the process.  Our HCM system is now our ‘one source of truth’.
* We now have a simple means to track and measure HR processes by each location and globally.  

How important would you say that Communities in general are these days in helping product users become successful?

Companies like Salesforce and FinancialForce understand the huge impact that Communities can have on their business, its customers and prospects.  They are a key component to customer satisfaction and retention.  Communities are a great asset to members as they provide a means to network and get ideas on best practices.   And with the FinancialForce HCM group, you can even get help with customizing the application.  The more customers and FinancialForce experts are engaged with a community the more successful the community will be.  So adding members and getting them actively involved is critical to its success.

How often would you say that you visit the FinancialForce Community?

It’s part of my morning ritual while I’m drinking my cup of tea.  I review answers to questions I have posted and look at postings from others to see if I can be of help.  I also like to visit the Community while I’m drinking my Latte on Saturday or Sunday morning!

What would you say is the most valuable part of being a member of our Community?

The most valuable part of being a member for me is being able to give back.  There’s a lot of satisfaction when you can offer a suggestion and it helps someone out.  This is the least I can do for the many times that I have posted questions and received valuable information.

You were really instrumental in our HCM group becoming one of the fastest growing groups in our Community. Why do you think that specific group has become so active recently?

Well, thank you, but I’m not sure I was that instrumental.  I think sharing ideas and helping other members can be contagious.  If you can get people to start reading posts, they will see the benefits of the group and get hooked!  The level of technical ‘know-how’ of many of the members is very high and they are willing to share with those that are new and less experienced.  Or maybe the high activity of the group is because the HR world is just more sociable and therefore adopts Social Media more easily.

I really like the way you (Nick) welcome new members.  People love to be recognized and this is a great way to get people to check the group out.  Then it’s up to the members to keep them coming back.

What tips do you have for our newer members, or people not yet engaged there, on how to get the most out of the FinancialForce Community?

I think some of my first days in the world of FinancialForce HCM (and HR) were similar to many others.  Before implementing I had to understand its capabilities and how it was used.  I watched the tutorials which are great for HR Managers and employees that use the system.  The online help is another great resource.  But to get a ‘real-world’ perspective, the Community is the best. It’s my ‘go-to’ place.

Tips for new members or for those not members yet?  
Knowledge is the first step to power and knowledge leads to success.  Don’t limit yourself to the tutorials, online help and tech support, although they are great when you have a technical problem. Use the Community to get involved and meet people who have much more experience and are happy to help you.  Don’t be afraid to ask even the simplest of questions.  We are there to help!

There is nothing better than feeling that you have helped someone in some small way.  Join the group and try us!  Charlie-Helen Robinson stated that, “In the social age, knowledge is only powerful if you share what you know”.

To join Linda and our other Community members today in exploring the information and resources within our Community as well as engaging and networking with other users visit today and use the Log In With Salesforce button.


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