Q&A with Nana Gregg: FinancialForce 360 Community Champion and Salesforce MVP

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Q&A with Nana Gregg: FinancialForce 360 Community Champion and Salesforce MVP

So the dust settles on our 2015 Community Day in San Francisco and all the feedback I’m hearing from our awesome Community members, customers and employees alike, is that our tag-line of Better Together really is spot on. We saw through the whole of Dreamforce week how, along with our customers, we were able to run some really great sessions.

On Community Day itself we crowned our 2015 360 Customer Excellence Award winners. This included the Community Champion award, which went to the brilliant Nana Gregg, Salesforce MVP and Sr. Salesforce Administrator at BRG.

Since Nana has joined the Community she has really gotten involved in discussion across the spectrum of our forums; answering queries, providing insight and advice, even sharing her own blog posts with the rest of the Community, quickly climbing to the top spot as our most influential customer member.

To cement the Better Together mantra we are featuring Nana as our latest Community Spotlight feature here with a Q&A. We asked Nana a few questions about her involvement in the FinancialForce Customer Community, here’s what she told us:

Nana Gregg

Tell us about BRG?
BRG provides innovative solutions to support Corporate Real Estate and Facilities Management organizations.

What is your role at BRG?
I am the Sr. Salesforce Administrator at BRG. I’m responsible for maintaining our Platform security, incorporating new processes and maintaining existing processes on the platform.

How do you use FinancialForce products at BRG?
In 2008, BRG began a transformation of their corporate systems into a fully cloud-based, integrated solution based upon the Salesforce Platform in order to deliver improved scalability for the business and offer improved reporting and customer service interactions with clients. Currently, BRG operates on a fully integrated platform that encapsulates marketing, sales and customer relationship management, project management with FinancialForce PSA and company financials with FinancialForce Accounting all under one integrated Salesforce SaaS platform. The solution has helped BRG drive the ‘BRG Customer Experience’ initiative, which emphasizes how team members interact with BRG’s global client-base.

How important would you say community is these days in helping product users become successful?
I’m a huge community advocate. The absolute best way to learn is through a good community and interaction. A good community provides the roadmap of what to learn and where to find it, while also providing a network of people to help along the way!

How often would you say that you visit the FinancialForce Community?
I try to visit the FinancialForce Community daily when I can – just scanning the posts, answering questions where I can, cheering on others’ wins and just staying active.

How do you engage within the Community?
Obviously answering posts and commenting in the Forum are big parts of engagement, I also write blog posts that I think others might enjoy and post those, and am very active on Twitter. I’ve attended the past two Community Day events at Dreamforce and am looking forward to a third to catch up with old friends and meet new people.

You’re our first customer member that’s also a Salesforce MVP – congratulations – what do you think makes a great community member?
Thanks so much! I’m still learning what it means to be an MVP, but I think my involvement in the community was key! A great community member is available, engaged and excited. You don’t have to know everything or have all the answers, just be willing to help your fellow community members when you can! We all learn to be better together!

What tips do you have for our members on how to get the most out of the FinancialForce Community?
A few key things:

  • Join groups you are interested in – that’s where the targeted conversations happen.
  • Follow people you want to hear from.
  • Manage your notification preferences so you have the right balance between getting the info you need and feeling overwhelmed by too many emails.
  • Finally – jump in – no-one will bite! Know that the community is a safe place where you can ask questions and seek advice. Chances are high someone who is ‘lurking’ is waiting to find out the answer to the question you just asked!

If you too want to be involved in our fast-growing Customer Community, then you can access it via your FinancialForce Central app in your org, instructions can be found by clicking here.

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