Welcome to the FinancialForce.com office in Harrogate, UK [photo tour]

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Welcome to the FinancialForce.com office in Harrogate, UK [photo tour]

As you may have gathered from the previous office tour at our San Francisco HQ, we care quite a lot about our employees’ satisfaction. Working at FinancialForce has many perks, and having a fun, open environment is one of them. Following the great feedback we received globally from our customers, employees and readers who enjoyed the last post, we’re going to continue the journey through our offices, this stop: Harrogate, UK.

ffdc harrogate courtyard

You’ll know the place to go when you see our shiny sign. ffdc harrogate outside

Welcome to the Harrogate office, we’re happy to show you around. ffdc harrogate meeting

Take a stroll down the halls and find a comfy seat. FFDC harrogate hall

At FinancialForce.com you’ll find a friendly face at every desk. ffdc harrogate office

If you’re heading in for an early meeting, just follow the green path to one of our amazing meeting rooms. Are you in the mood for swimming in the ocean or hiking a rugged mountain range? ffdc harrogate meeting room

Perhaps this meeting is more like a leisurely stroll through the gardens? There’s a room for that too. ffdc harrogate garden room

Get a little taste of San Francisco even from across the pond. ffdc harrogate SF wall

Time for a break! Take a seat by your colleague and enjoy your lunch in our lounge. ffdc harrogate lunch area

Of course, the break area isn’t just for lunching – it’s also a fun change of pace if you want a different work setting. ffdc harrogate break area

Having writer’s block? Trying to punch out some new code? Take a ride on our swings to keep the ideas flowing. ffdc harrogate bench

While you swing, this little gnome is there to hold your drink. FinancialForce Harrogate gnome

If swinging isn’t doing the trick, there’s plenty of quiet corners to get comfortable and lock in the productivity. FFDC harrogate lounging

Playing or watching the game with coworkers is a great way to end the work day. ffdc harrogate sports

Craving some biscuits and tea? Stroll on over to the world famous Bettys at Harlow Carr Gardens, just minutes away from the office. ffdc-harrogate-bettys

We’re hiring for many different positions in the UK, see all the available jobs and take your career to the cloud!

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