HQ photo tour pt.2: Welcome to the 20th floor! HQ photo tour pt.2: Welcome to the 20th floor!

Polina Polishchuk
Tags: FinancialForce Office, san francisco

We’re continuing to grow here at and recently we hit the 600 employee mark with eight offices around the world. With this amazing hyper growth, it’s no surprise that we needed some more room to grow at our San Francisco headquarters located at 595 Market street (if you’ve seen the previous photo tour, you’re already familiar with our flagship 27th floor). Designed with continued growth in mind, the new 20th floor is decked out with more meeting rooms, larger kitchen space, a whole new collaborative desk layout and more. Check it out:

Take a break, change up your work environment or chat with a coworker as you enjoy comfy new lounge seating.
FinancialForce SF Office 3

Need to take a call? These cushy Cega “work tubes” offer a bit more privacy than your desk – and they’re comfy!
FinancialForce SF Office

Who wouldn’t be inspired by that city view? Here you see our developers hard at work thinking of innovative ways to build on the Salesforce1 platform.
FFDC Dev 20th

Ah, the new kitchen. It’s OKAY if this is your third bowl of chocolate covered pretzels of the day. Just look at those cool snack dispensers – no one’s counting.
FinancialForce SF Office 2

We all know the importance of prime meeting room real estate, and thanks to the abundance of meeting rooms on the new floor, the struggle of finding an open room is no longer real. #booked!
FinancialForce SF Office 4

Again, just look at that view… Who says 7 floors down isn’t as epic? The pictures speak for themselves.
20th floor

Now we just have to build a slide connecting the 27th and 20th floor… jk!


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