Career Open House – Q&A with Charles Ashworth, VP of Employee Success

FinancialForce News and Insights Career Open House – Q&A with Charles Ashworth, VP of Employee Success

In case you haven’t heard, is growing, growing, growing and we’re constantly on the lookout for passionate and talented people to join in the fun.

Currently we are looking to fill over 100 positions across all departments (Sales, Devs, Engineers & more) and office locations, and in order to spread the word and make the hiring process a little more fun, on Thursday, April 16, we will be hosting our very own open house recruitment event from 4-7 PM PT at Park Central Hotel, Metropolitan Ballroom 1, 50 Third Street in San Francisco.  
ffdc career day blogTo learn more about the event and how to get involved, I sat down with Charles Ashworth,’s VP of Employee Success. Read below for the full low-down and we hope to meet you (or someone you know) on April 16th!

AR: What a great idea to host a recruitment open house. Can you give us a quick overview of what to expect?

CA: Thanks! We’re excited – this is’s first solo recruiting event. We have over a hundred positions to fill across the company (35+ in the Bay Area) and while we love the traditional hiring process, we really want to be able to meet with qualified candidates live and make the hiring process as engaging as possible for both parties.

At the event we will be focused on recruiting for all the Bay Area positions (which can be found on our website:, ranging from entry level to senior level positions, but we of course welcome candidates interested in a position elsewhere to also stop by.

How should an interested candidate prepare?

We recommend that they look at our website and check out the available positions and then apply online. We recommend applying beforehand as it helps the hiring managers get to know you better before meeting in person and determine your qualifications, but it is not required to attend.

Also, please be sure to read the job descriptions in full and be confident that you meet the requirements listed. We meet so many incredible candidates but only those who qualify will move on to hiring rounds. We also recommend you do a little research on the company and our recent news so you can jump right into thoughtful conversations with employees.

Most importantly, expect to have a lot of fun. We’ll provide drinks, snacks, raffles and giveaways!

Is this formal attire? What should a candidate bring with them?

In terms of attire, we suggest business casual. A candidate should wear what they might wear to an on-site interview.

We also recommend attendees bring copies of their resume and any other documents/materials they see relevant to their desired position and experience.

What kind of people are you looking to hire?

We are a very diverse company and welcome candidates from all walks of life. Most importantly, we just want to meet passionate people who are excited about and where the company is headed.

Thanks again Charles! We look forward to seeing everyone at the Park Central Hotel in San Francisco on Thursday, April 16th (4-7pm PST).

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