Salesforce and FinancialForce help Camfed achieve its goal of educating girls in rural Africa

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Salesforce and FinancialForce help Camfed achieve its goal of educating girls in rural Africa

Camfed_LogoCamfed, the campaign for female education in Africa, is a non-profit organisation that supports girls in rural Africa to go to school and empowers young women to become changemakers in their communities. Girls’ education has been recognised globally as the best investment nations can make to break the cycle of poverty, improve health, increase economic growth, as well as mitigate climate change. Camfed has seen a rapid expansion of its community-led programmes over the past three years, and in 2014 pledged to support 1 million girls to go to secondary school within just five years.

With high goals that can create huge opportunities and change lives dramatically, Camfed recognises how innovation can help its cause, and how it has helped it in achieving its goals.

Using Salesforce and FinancialForce

Camfed has used Salesforce to help manage aspects of its donor programme for many years and after undergoing a period of rapid growth it realised a change was needed to how it managed its financials. Camfed switched its finance processes to run on FinancialForce Financial Management to gain a holistic programme overview with the ability to report to existing and potential donors.

A single screen per girl

Camfed has also expanded the use of the Salesforce Customer Success Platform as a single, organisation-wide system. The expansion helped increase organisational efficiency, transparency and accountability by providing accurate, real-time data to teams across seven countries with the objective of having “a single screen per girl.” This means that all information pertaining to each student is now held on one system, on a single record, providing accurate information.

Already, Camfed’s financial team has reported saving weeks of time, which has contributed to the repurposing of experienced staff for the benefit of its programmes.

The power of real-time data

Using apps on the same platform has meant that all relevant team members now have access to the same real-time information enabling more collaboration and the ability to be more responsive to its cause. This accurate information helps Camfed manage its programmes effectively and ensures donors and recipients are receiving the best possible service.

A cloud-based platform also means there is no expensive hardware or software required for data uploaded by teachers from their Android mobile phones at 5,270 government partner schools in Africa.

Camfed will continue to look for ways to innovate with technology to scale its impact and improve the way it runs its programmes as it continues its mission to eradicate poverty in Africa.

Read the full press release here.

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