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FinancialForce and Appirio partner up to deliver more customer-centric ERP worldwide

Today marks another milestone for the FinancialForce partner ecosystem, as FinancialForce and Appirio today announced a new partnership to help boost customer success on a global scale with our market-leading cloud ERP on the Salesforce platform. Appirio shares our commitment to enhancing customer-centricity and helping businesses respond quickly to market shifts, and will work closely with us on the sales and the implementation of our cloud solutions around the world.

The burgeoning new services economy demands a shift in the way businesses reach and serve customers. Built on the Salesforce platform, FinancialForce automatically give you a complete, customer-centric view of your business so you can respond more rapidly to customer demands while automating and streamlining regular business processes.

A focus on professional services

The partnership will offer enhanced customer-centricity for professional services teams and companies. Appirio’s deep experience with the Salesforce platform, coupled with FinancialForce’s PSA solution, will help services organizations cope with typical challenges, including optimizing billable utilization, revenue, average project margin, customer satisfaction, and backlog management.

FinancialForce and Appirio have a long history together. In 2011 FinancialForce acquired PS Enterprise from Appirio to form what is now FinancialForce PSA. Appirio is now a FinancialForce PSA customer which uses the solution as their own consulting operations system.

FinancialForce PSA is the highest customer-rated PSA solution for enterprise organizations and offers a single services app for all project stakeholders. It offers increased visibility for customers across sales, services delivery, and finance to help keep projects on time, customers happy, and reports up-to-date.

You can see the FinancialForce PSA solution in action here. Learn more about our partner ecosystem here.

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