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FinancialForce Accounting and PSA Spring ’12 launch imminent

We’re preparing to launch the latest releases of our Accounting and PSA applications next week. They are major releases and include significant enhancements. Without going into too much detail in this post, FinancialForce Accounting Spring ’12 has been designed to address three key concerns of financial managers: financial reporting, implementation speed and opportunity to cash efficiency. FinancialForce PSA Spring ’12 has been designed to improve virtual team collaboration and provide new methods for budgeting and calculating utilization metrics. Utilization is known as the “Master Metric” for professional services organizations. It is critical in determining billings, profitability, team goals and employee compensation, but despite this, most professional service automation applications don’t provide managers with the flexibility needed to capture this level of detail. has worked hard to address this. More details to follow next week.  
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