Finance said "What!?" to your customer?

Finance said "What!?" to your customer?

If you’re in sales, your CRM is probably one of your best friends.  It provides a great view of your sales and service interactions with your customers, but what about the financials? Today you need to know everything.  It will help you sell more and service customers better. So we want to challenge you a bit here to get you thinking.  Do you know the answers to the below?
  • What conversations are happening between AR and your customer?
  • Which customer invoices have been sent out?
  • Were the invoices calculated correctly and match the opp?
  • Which invoices haven’t been paid?
  • Which customers have never paid?
  • Which invoices are in dispute?
  • Which customers got credited and why?
  • Which customers deserve a discount?
  • Which customers deserve preferred payment terms?
  • Which customers are profitable?
  • Which revenue was recognized?
  • Will you get paid on your deals?
You want to be able to quickly answer these questions. You need deeper Financial Insight for your CRM. The more you know, the more you can step in, advise, negotiate, etc. Customer satisfaction will be raised and cash flow improved.

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