Fawcett Scores Force.com MVP title

Fawcett Scores Force.com MVP title

We’re proud to announce our very own Andrew Fawcett, CTO at FinancialForce.com, can add a new, quite prestigious title to his name — Force.com MVP — officially announced today on the developerforce blog.  And for those of you in the salesforce.com community, you may already know this is no easy feat. Andy is one of only 20 Force.com MVPs across the globe to hold such a title. Well done Andy [insert big round of applause here]! What exactly is a Force.com MVP? This program recognizes outstanding contributors and technological leaders in the Force.com cloud platform ecosystems.  They are advocates, leaders and experts in this world. And they are breaking the trail of technology innovation with Salesforce Platform technologies. Okay, and how specifically did Andy score this? Easy – it was all in the spirit of spreading the salesforce.com love!! Besides being a rockstar at his own CTO job, he’s hard to miss if you spend anytime in the salesforce.com community.  He’s a Salesforce Platform advocate and teacher on Twitter; he’s contributing to Saleforce Platform blogs; he’s writing his own blogs, providing best practices, tips and tricks, and workarounds. He answers hundreds of questions in communities and forums and through tweets; he responds to late night or early am community questions; he suggests innovative ideas; and he gives talks, runs tutorials and workshops at Saleforce Platform shows — all in his free time. For those of you who can’t find time to put away the laundry, well “You’ve been served!” To borrow a line from the MVP program, Andy is “not just a leader in the community, he is a steward of the community. He helps steer and shape the community’s focus, direction and culture.” And in his free time away from his free time he enjoys Formula1, movies, video games, German sports cars and of course, coding. Congratulations Andy. Where to find him? URL’s – Profiles: http://www.twitter.com/andyinthecloud http://www.linkedin.com/in/andyfawcett http://salesforce.stackexchange.com/users/286/andrew-fawcett https://github.com/afawcett
URL’s – General Sites http://developer.financialforce.com/

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