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ERP at Customer Speed is heating up Down Under

With the Cloud ERP market really heating up down under, where does “ERP at Customer Speed” from fit in Australia and New Zealand?

Simply put, being built from the cloud up on the worlds #1 CRM platform (Salesforce1) means that there is a market of clients already familiar and comfortable with a customer centric solution that provides real time dashboards and reports, analytics and forecasting and great social collaboration. Now these companies have the opportunity to maximise their investment in existing core infrastructure and the platform to extend their real time reach and visibility from the front office (CRM) right across to the back office (ERP) “at their speed”.

Having the first enterprise financial management application on Salesforce AppExchange seven years ago was a great starting point for a company that is now just over five years old. With Salesforce as one of our key investors, we have come a long way in five years, adding Professional Services Automation, Supply Chain Management and Human Capital Management to FinancialForce Accounting to provide Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications all built on the Salesforce Platform. Companies looking at ERP solutions in Australia and New Zealand are shying away from the “Me too” approach from on-premise ERP vendors that try to adapt their old-school applications to being a cloud solution, as well as away from multi-cloud vendors that give the promise of a cloud ERP solution that is in reality a proliferation of online databases.

When I was a teenager working on old cars to make them “fast” or “cool” we used to call that “putting lipstick on the pig.” The Australian government’s commitment to “Cloud First” for local and state government reflects the local preference for getting away from managed data centres and on to true SaaS subscription models where you only pay for what you use. We are a platinum sponsor (Booth #3)  at the Salesforce World Tour event in Melbourne at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on March 10th to show what ERP at Customer Speed is all about! Learn more about’s presence at the Melbourne event. See you there!

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