Employers: Get ready for workplace changes under the new administration

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Employers: Get ready for workplace changes under the new administration

No administration in modern history has brought forth more anticipated changes than that of our 45th President. Employers across the U.S. are watching everything from cabinet nominations to executive orders, to prepare for what experts agree could be a tidal wave of changing legislature. With ripple effects on our workplaces, this blog post summarizes where we anticipate the next changes to occur, and how a cloud based system of record can help you be ready!


The Affordable Care Act (ACA) remains the law of the land, and employers should expect their reporting and other requirements like providing minimum essential coverage to remain in place through 2018.  While President Trump has signed an executive order for Federal agencies to reduce the regulatory burden of the ACA, this doesn’t extend to employers – and a waiver of penalties for non-compliance is unlikely.  We will continue to monitor the proposals to “repeal and replace” the ACA. For now, FinancialForce HCM customers track their necessary enrollment details like stability periods and minimum value on a single dashboard to make ACA reporting easy.

New Legislature

This administration is considered to be more pro-employer than in the recent past. We’ve already received indications that the EEOC, DOL, NLRB and OSHA will be the first agencies to announce changes. When it comes to the EEOC, we may see a repeal of equal pay legislation as well as a less-aggressive stance on fighting sexual orientation discrimination.  We know that the new DOL overtime changes are on hold pending court action, but if the DOL wins and these new rules go into place, Congress could amend the FLSA. For workplace safety governed by OSHA, President Trump has suggested the repeal of some employer mandates, like post-accident drug testing.  Union shops should know that at least 2 of the 5-member NLRB board will be appointed by this president, so expect Section 7 of that act to change, along with definitions of “control” over a union worker.  

When it comes to immigration, this administration has set its sights on the H1-B Visa program, for highly-skilled workers. This is one the tech community will be keeping a close eye on.  We should also anticipate the mandated use of E-Verify, which is currently only required in a few states.

Speaking of States, individual States will likely enact their own legislation to combat any objections to Federal changes.  Under discussion is the addition of paid maternity leave, one of the few regulations where President Trump seems to favor adding a worker benefit.

How employers can be ready

With the future uncertain, the best advice we can give employers is to get their proverbial house in order.  Putting effort into cleaning up data, making sure mandatory forms are in place, and utilizing a cloud based system of record to house all essential people data will give you peace of mind and ensure readiness of things to come.  

To learn more about managing workplace changes in the new administration, watch our recent webinar recording. And to experience how Everyday Human Capital Management can help you prepare, register for our live demo.

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