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Emergo, medical device consulting firm switches from NetSuite OpenAir to FinancialForce PSA

FinancialForce PSA customer Emergo provides regulatory consulting to medical device manufacturers in over 20 international markets and are rapidly growing.

When more than 2,800 medical device and IVD companies worldwide depend on the expertise of your consultants like Emergo does, you become acutely aware of the importance your technology solutions have on servicing clients efficiently and accurately.

Tackling bottlenecks caused by previous system

Prior to FinancialForce PSA, Emergo was using NetSuite OpenAir to manage their projects but as they started to expand, they quickly realized that OpenAir was the main bottleneck to smart growth.

We speak to consulting organizations like Emergo everyday – those who are committed first and foremost to making their customers successful while developing their business, but sometimes the solutions in place simply start to hinder that growth.

OpenAir was just another system for IT to manage and for the entire Emergo team to use to gather customer information. Client data lived in siloed databases which meant there were inaccuracies and redundancies when reporting and communicating with clients on projects.

Benefits of switching from NetSuite OpenAir to FinancialForce PSA

Committed to providing their customers with a seamless experience, from finance to PSA, Emergo made the move over to FinancialForce. And since they were already users of Salesforce, weaving both PSA, as well as FinancialForce Financial Management into their ERP mix, was painless.

John Brundage, Global Sales Analyst at Emergo shared how important it was to have all their client data located on one platform. In a case study interview, he commented,

“as a consulting firm in the medical device regulatory consulting field, FinancialForce really meets our business needs. I like that it’s on the Salesforce platform. I like that it is configurable and can adapt to unique processes if needed. It just feels like a natural fit.”

A new era with centralized project and client data

John and the Emergo team have since realized numerous results from FinancialForce PSA and the power of running the business on one, unified platform. First and foremost, Emergo’s project and client data has been completely centralized – there are no more multiple logins, wasted time on reconciling data, and no more dealing with limited integration points or third-party integration tools.

Consultants communicate with each other much more effectively and can answer questions and update customers in a more informed manner than ever before. Not to mention, reporting has vastly improved. Management has global insight on resource management and can instantly see where adjustments need to be made, where additional resources should be brought on and predict where resources will be needed next.

Further, FinancialForce has equipped Emergo for their period of hyper-growth and beyond. John commented that

“with FinancialForce’s continual enhancements with each release and the flexibility with the Salesforce platform, we know we have a tool that we can leverage as Emergo continues to grow.”

Check out Emergo’s full success story and video interview hereLooking for more customers who sound like you? Please visit our Customer Stories section.

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