Early Adopters of Cloud Accounting Make a Compelling Case

Early Adopters of Cloud Accounting Make a Compelling Case

Emma Keates

In a blog post , Damian Saunders, CEO, Cogent Online, gives an excellent real-life account of migrating to the cloud and setting-up FinancialForce Accounting. Six months in, and he quotes a message he received from the General Manager which is poignant – “Imagine if we never had SalesForce and FinancialForce. Arghh!” Other companies who have travelled this road are equally enthused and certain that their decision was the right one. With the benefits starting to rack up, there is an increasingly compelling argument for cloud accounting. Susan Randal, Controller at WiFi Alliance, is keen to point out several key frontline benefits in tying CRM to accounting working with FinancialForce.com.

The net result? Empowered frontline employees. In a recent interview with Dennis Howlett she talked about the empowerment the move to FinancialForce Accounting had given their employees along with the massive time savings when generating invoices and reports. “It naturally follows that you get real time reporting and a reduction in the time to getting management reports out,” she says. “Time saved here means time spent on value added functions.”

Gary White, CEO, White Springs was also interviewed recently and again highlights the significant benefits of cloud accounting to his organization, not only relating to cost and time savings. FinancialForce Accounting has given them complete confidence in the numbers they are reporting. It’s relatively early days for cloud accounting, and market data shows it will be another five years before we come close to the adoption levels of CRM. What those considering the move cannot ignore is the compelling case being made by early adopters – from migration and set-up to the visible frontline benefits being delivered.

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