Dreamforce Survival Guide: 2015 Edition

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Dreamforce Survival Guide: 2015 Edition

Hello Dreamforce 2015. You are finally here…But oh man, am I ready for you!?
Good question right?  Dreamforce is on Tuesday. It’s definitely time to make sure you have your game plan down. Are you going to the right sessions? Are you on the right party lists? Do you know what killer apps you need to check out, where to grab the best coffees or watch a game? We’ve put together your Dreamforce Survival Guide, 2015 edition.

The Check List: 
1.) Get smart. Sessions are truly the meat of this great event and why you’re really going to #DF15, right? When you attend the best sessions you will go home packed with fresh insight, the hottest app info, new biz connections – all of which will help your business and your career.  Here is one place to go that has loads of inspiring and game-changing strategies.  

2.) Keep on top of keynotes. Know when and where they are. Don’t be the guy wandering around Moscone wondering where everybody is.  Study this agenda and be in the right spot at the right time.  Or go to ERPcentral, where these guys will be showing keynotes as they happen.

3.) Party in-style.  There is so much amazing food, drinks, fun and entertainment to be had. But the best party lists will *cap*. Here’s just a tease:  FusionREHAB, Gala, Outforce and of course the Foo Fighters! You’ll be thanking me later (when you’re inside the party and the non-planners aren’t).

4.) Find the Kick-a$$ apps: With Dreamforce comes some of the hottest, most social, most mobile apps that can transform your business. Get demos, watch some videos, talk to the right people and find the apps that are great alone and even better together.

5.) Wear comfortable shoes: If you do wear comfortable shoes you won’t remember reading this. If you don’t wear comfortable shoes, then you most assuredly will as you are standing in line at CVS buying band-aids.

6.) Find time for mind therapy: Clear your head for a few at some of our favorite rooftop chill spots and relax. You’ll see a lot of lounge-like areas around Moscone but peaceful stations they are not. Or if you just want to escape the crowd for a minute – walk East.

7.) Find the coolest Dreamforce t-shirts: Don’t leave Dreamforce without an irreverent T-shirt. Here’s one place we can guarantee you’ll get one. We want you to find your appy place.

8.) Plan your *Meeting* stations! (non-convention related!):  You don’t have to look far. The Thirsty Bear is a fun brewery with awesome Spanish tapas.The W Hotel lounge has some fun drinks and a good wine list. Check out Smuggler’s Cove – one of the most celebrated tiki bars in the world. And if you want to catch the Thursday Night game or some September baseball, then Jillian’s is a solid sports bar with large-screen TVs and billiard tables.

9.) Work the knots out: Conventions can be rough on the body! Take a long walk up the Embarcadero starting at the Ferry building. It’s awesomeOr even book a massage at a place like the Burke Williams Spa which is right by Moscone.

10.) Go home a winner!: Yes, walk that exhibit show floor and come home with some seriously cool goods, e.g. the Alexa – Amazon Echo, GoPros, Jambox, iPhones, Beats by Dre. There will be contests galore and killer apps. In fact, jump on the cause now.

11.) Get your tasty coffee fix:  If you find the Moscone java not working for you, help is available. There’s the Blue Bottle Coffee (a cult favorite among locals who appreciate individually brewed cups of java) and Peet’s on the corner of 4th and Harrison is the best place to grab a quality cup to go. And Philz on Berry Street is an amazing cup of Joe too.

12.) Don’t drink too much on the first night: Just don’t. Trust me.

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