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Dreamforce Developer Hero or Villian?

Last week I was very pleased to have received the “Developer Hero” award at Dreamforce San Francisco for my contributions to and its community. Through feedback and ideas that have allowed us and Salesforce to push CODA 2go functionality further each passing month. They say “nothing worth doing is ever easy”, true to that saying this process has had its ups and downs from both sides. So I am partly left wondering if the award should be more aptly named “Biggest pain in the neck” award? ;-)

I have also been lucky enough to be asked to get involved in authoring parts of Richard Greenwald’s upcoming book. In the form of Chapter 13 and the Voice of the Developer inserts throughout, once again thanks to Richard for this opportunity. The SaaS world is currently ripe with a level of innovation, I’ve personally not seen in the 20 years I’ve been in this business. So I better get back to my Google and CODA 2go integration work… Thanks from Andy

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