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Dreamforce 2015: See your ERP, CRM & custom apps come alive on the Salesforce platform

IT’S ALIVE! Dreamforce 2015 is coming up September 15-18 and we can’t wait to meet you there.

If you weren’t already aware, Dreamforce is the #1 cloud conference in the world. In addition to celebrating and learning about the world-class Salesforce CRM and cloud platform itself, Dreamforce is all about helping you get the most value out of your Salesforce investment.

Salesforce users are a savvy bunch who already know how the power of the cloud can help them run their front office efficiently, socially and mobile-happy. So why not extend these benefits to the back office? Run financials, services, supply chain and HR all on the Saleforce1 Platform; where great apps don’t demand separate clouds.

At this year’s Dreamforce, we’ll be spreading awareness of the frightening ERP frankencloud and showing how your ERP, CRM and custom apps can all come alive on the Salesforce1 platform. is going  to be at Dreamforce in a BIG way this year. Keep visiting our newly launched Dreamforce 2015 site to stay up-to-date on sessions, parties and our Dreamforce headquarters (hint: we’ve got two buildings on Mission street this year – MOAD & SPUR). And of course, we’ll keep you posted on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & Instagram. Happy DF season!

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