Dreamforce 2015: Gratitudes

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Dreamforce 2015: Gratitudes

Your cup runneth over again this year, Dreamforce. The star power, your cloud, the apps, the inspiration, the information and fun was on overload. We’d like to raise our glasses and give out some proper thank you(s). So let us start with…

Our amazing customers:  We truly are better together. 300+ of you gathered for our info-packed 2015 Community Day at Parc 55. Your enthusiasm, your questions and your product input totally made the day.  And a special thanks to securing that Monday after-party at Infusion as my favorite night of the #DF15 week.

DF15 gratitudes

The Industry Validation:  There’s no denying the one cloud platform is the place to be – mobile, social, data science, and the Internet of Things is building a connected world like we’ve never seen. 85% of new apps are now developed for the cloud. 90% of the world’s data was created in the last 12 months.  6 billion smartphones and 76 billion connected things will exist by 2020. And one cloud ERP will be there with it all. Thank you.

Salesforce: You manage to take over a city with boundless energy and grace. And you bring so many people we might never had met, e.g. Jimmy G, the sysadmin who now believes one cloud ERP is going to change his life and career.  How about Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft talking Salesforce collaborations and big data power. And Jessica Alba, Susan Wojcicki, Patricia Arquette inspiring women to not let careers happen, but to make careers happen. How about more hackathons in the pipeline? We could go on and on so instead let’s just thank you for everything from A to Z. Amazing event!

Product Experts & Session Magic: This FinancialForce team – you know your stuff and it showed it across our 60+ sessions and demos last week. It’s clear we have the right people, passion, and technology all working together. Just on the first day alone Steve Ferranti brought drought-ridden California actual rainfall immediately after his “Make it Rain: Opp-to-Cash on Salesforce” session. Kevin Roberts helped a crowd of Salesforce sysadmins take down the monster known as Frankencloud. And Mike O’Brien “Unravelled a Revenue Recognition Hairball.”  And this is just the tip of the iceberg, so thank you team.

Robin Benincasa:  Not sure there’s anybody on earth that can represent teamwork like you do. Thanks for taking the time to talk at our Community Day 2015, to inspire all of us to grab life with one hand, grab teammates with the other, and to create that special magic that makes all of us better together.  We are amazed at your incredible accomplishments! Robin, is there anything you wouldn’t take on?

Salesforce Lightning: You are coming in hot and we like it. As Mike Rosenbaum calls it, lightning is not about new fonts and colors and icons – it is so much more than a refreshed user interface. Lightning Experience is a re-imagined platform designed to maximize sales rep productivity, complete with analytics and in-line intelligence that will drive sales precision. Thanks Lightning, we will raise our umbrellas and golf clubs in your honor (but not during storms).

Our Customer Presenters: You guys nailed it!  Presenting is not easy and we truly appreciate you giving us your time, your stories, your energy and your help in spreading the one cloud ERP love. And you were everywhere: ERPcentral, Moscone, the Partner Theater, the DevZone, Parc 55, press meetings, or all of the above. THANK YOU!

ERP + CRM on Salesforce. Great alone. Better Together:  It was hard to miss you on the cab tops, the buses, the pedicabs, the kiosks, the hotel keys, the booths, the sessions, the ads, the shirts, the articles, the platform, the apps…and so on.  It’s just so true.

FFDC employees: Let’s skip the words and go straight for the bear hugs and beer mugs – clink! Whether working the expo booth all day, showing demos, taking meetings, working the crowds, registering guests at ERPcentral or organizing amazing sessions, we really couldn’t have had such an amazing Dreamforce without each other. We are great alone, but so much better together (yes, we said it again).

Press and analysts – Thank you for your time, support, coverage and honest feedback in response to our news last week. From Lightning Ready ERP apps, to new reporting and analytics, to our time tracking Apple watch ready app and IoT, to what’s in store for one cloud ERP…thanks for taking it all in and spreading the word.

Management team:  There’s no one working harder. You guys go non-stop during the Dreamforce week with back-to-back sales meetings, press conferences, analyst breakfasts, parties every night and non-stop session moderating but you manage to keep the excitement and energy on High. Thank you. To our readers: when’s the last time your CEO deejay’d in the Moscone lobby, at your parties, or anytime he/she gets the chance. Ours does. Again, this team great alone, better together!

MoAD & SPUR on Mission: Who knew cloud back office applications could blend so well with an exhibit from the African Diaspora?  Thanks to both these centers and teams for working with us to make ERPcentral a reality and FinancialForce.com bigger and better at Dreamforce 2015 than most thought possible. You played the perfect venues for our employees and customers to get together, as well as setting an awesome stage for our many sessions and events. Also, who could forget the delicious and FREE boba milk tea brought to Dreamforce by Boba Guys!?

Sponsors: Whether it was working your booths during Community Day or partying with us at Fusion we couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you Avalara, CLD Partners, HRMS Solutions, Icon Cloud Consulting, Big Bang ERP, Nexstara, TOP Step Consulting, and NTT Data for sponsoring!

San Francisco: Once again, your style, charm and eclectic venues totally complete this Dreamforce experience and make it perfect.  And we give you a special shout out for amazing crowd control and smooth transportation channels. Kudos!

Last Saturday:  Being home to official downtime with family and friends away from the crazy Dreamforce fray – was it fair to say at that point “great together. now better alone?” ha. (just for a bit)…Dreamforce 2016 planning has already started!

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