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Dreamforce '15: DevTalks Recap

Another fantastic Dreamforce came with another fantastic FinancialForce DevTalks. This year, we had a great turnout for discussion on the open source libraries that FinancialForce supports in the awesome ERPCentral@SPUR building.

We started off the meeting just having great conversation, eating good food and enjoying some nice beer/wine. Being able to meet up with so many fantastic minds is always a joy. It is a humbling experience to see such a good turnout during Dreamforce, where everyone’s attention is pulled in so many directions.DevTalks-Food-and-Drinks

Andy Fawcett kicked off the presentation, giving an overview of the Apex Enterprise Patterns. He highlighted all of the main aspects of Separation of Concerns (SoC), giving an breakdown of the different layers. He specifically focused on FinancialForce Apex Common, our open source framework for applying the Apex Enterprise Patterns to your code base. He closed his talk off with a guide on when to implement FinancialForce Apex Common in your own code base.

Andy Fawcett at DevTalks

I followed Andy’s talk up with a quick explanation of ApexMocks, our open source mocking framework for Apex unit tests. I specifically walked through an example of how ApexMocks works within a code base using FinancialForce Apex Common. This is the preferred approach to using ApexMocks as it makes the injection part of mocking very straight forward.

Finally, Andy closed out the presentation portion of the meetup with an overview of QueryFactory, the brain child of Chris Peterson which takes SOQL queries and simplifies them with built-in FLS and CRUD checks. It also includes functionality to make querying field sets much simpler.

After the talk, several members hung around to finish off some drinks, grab a cool t-shirt and chat some more. Overall, it was another enjoyable FinancialForce DevTalks. It is always an exciting experience to get so many people together, and we are all very appreciative of all of the attendees who came during the busy Dreamforce week.


Thanks again to all who came and be sure to join the FinancialForce DevTalks meetup page to be alerted of future meetings!

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