Dreamforce '15 DevTalks: FinancialForce Open Source

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Dreamforce '15 DevTalks: FinancialForce Open Source

Continuing with the tradition we began last year when we had a fantastic DevTalks at Dreamforce, we will once again be hosting a meetup for the community. This year, we will be hosting a FinancialForce DevTalks focused on our open source contributions on Wednesday, September 16, 2015 from 4:30pm to 6:30pm at SPUR (ERPcentral).

FinancialForce DevTalks

We pride ourselves on interacting with the community, part of which is writing blog posts, answering questions on the Salesforce StackExchange/Answers/Twitter, and writing open source code. We have several open source libraries available, and this meetup will highlight a few of them.

We will kick off the meetup like any good meetup should – with food, drinks, and some fantastic networking opportunities. Following that, Andy Fawcett will kick things off, presenting our open source work with FinancialForce Apex Common aka ApexLib which provides a comprehensive framework to write code that supports the Apex Enterprise Patterns. I will continue the theme, talking about ApexMocks and specifically how it interacts with ApexLib to provide a true mocking framework for unit tests on the Force.com platform. Finally, Chris Peterson will be discussing our latest open source work surrounding enhancements that will make working with field sets much more enjoyable.

Jesse Altman discussing ApexMocks
Jesse Altman discussing ApexMocks

After all of the great content, we will have some time to eat some more food, enjoy some more drinks, and talk about all of the great new projects you will be using our open source libraries with. RSVP now to join us! I hope to see you there!

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