DevTalks DF14: Apex Unit Testing with ApexMocks Framework

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DevTalks DF14: Apex Unit Testing with ApexMocks Framework

Along with our festivities at Dreamforce and FinancialForce Community Day, FinancialForce will be hosting the third FinancialForce DevTalks featuring delicious beer, tasty food and great conversation at SPUR on Wednesday, October 15. On top of that, this specific DevTalks will include a presentation on FinancialForce ApexMocks, an open source unit testing framework that provides Mockito-like functionality to Apex. Following the format of our past successful DevTalks, we will kick the meeting off with some time to network and talk with all of the fantastic attendees. After everyone has had some beer and pizza, Andrew Fawcett, Chris Peterson and Carolina Ruiz Medina will kick off the meeting.
devtalks df14 MVPs Andrew Fawcett, Chris Peterson, Jesse Altman and Carolina Ruiz Medina
DevTalks DF14
Andrew Fawcett presenting at FinancialForce DevTalks back in June 2014
That will be followed by my talk on ApexMocks. In Salesforce, unit testing is equivalent to traditional integration testing  – it requires data to be generated and dependencies to be run. ApexMocks removes those limitations by allowing developers to mock dependencies and objects. This means that instead of running through large data configuration and potentially multiple service layers, developers can mock out the results of the different methods that are called to return predefined results. This greatly increases the speed in which code can be run which in turn provides a much better test driven development (TDD) experience. This talk will dive into specific reasons to use ApexMocks, followed by insight into how ApexMocks works behind the scenes, concluded with real examples of the ApexMocks framework in action.
DevTalks DF14
Full house at FinancialForce DevTalks back in June 2014
Visit the event page for more details and then RSVP to what’s sure to be another successful night of DevTalks.
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