DevTalks at DF14: Recap

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DevTalks at DF14: Recap

Dreamforce is full of fun events and last week at Dreamforce ’14 was no different. On Wednesday, we were able to host another successful DevTalks at ERPcentral @ SPUR. The environment was fantastic and provided a great space for conversations among the group of highly talented individuals who attended. Getting the community together is one of the highlights of the event. We were very thankful to get such a great turn out for this event with so many other possibilities. It was great to grab a beer, a slice of pizza, and just talk tech with everyone.

Andrew Fawcett talks Enterprise Architecture
Andrew Fawcett ( CTO) talks Enterprise Architecture

We kicked off the meeting with Andy Fawcett briefly discussing some of the changes available in the Apex Enterprise Patterns. He also briefly discussed his new book, Enterprise Architecture, and broke down what a reader might expect. Being both the author of Apex Enterprise Patterns and now Enterprise Architecture, Andy is one of the preeminent experts in enterprise development on the platform.

Immediately following Andy’s talk, after a refill of beer and pizza of course, I did a presentation on ApexMocks. ApexMocks is an open source library written by Paul Hardaker, a Senior Developer on the Platform Strategy team here at, which provides mocking support to Apex. This a huge step in the right direction for development as this handy library allows developers to run code much faster as well as in much smaller, testable chunks. This provides the means to write true unit tests which previously was not available on the platform. With the work done here, we are one step closer to utilizing a true test driven development methodology on the platform.

Even better than the presentation, was the Q&A time after the talk. Everyone in attendance had great commentary and questions to ask about ApexMocks. It was fantastic to see so much interest in a library that is freely available for anyone to use. We pride ourselves on the open source work we do and getting the community involved is a great sign we are moving in the right direction. For anyone who unfortunately was unable to attend, please feel free to check out the slides for the presentation.

Jesse Altman discussing ApexMocks
Jesse Altman discussing ApexMocks

Thanks again to all who came out! We love interacting with the community and the fact that we had such a great turnout during Dreamforce was amazing. I look forward to seeing all of you at our next DevTalks! I hope everyone grabbed one of our ApexMocks t-shirts on the way out!

ApexMocks T-Shirt: DevTalks DF '14 Edition
ApexMocks T-Shirt: DevTalks DF ’14 Edition
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