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The FinancialForce Developer Sessions Playlist – DF14

Were you too busy learning, hacking and networking with thousands of developers at Dreamforce 14, that you missed some of the most attended MVP sessions of the week? Or maybe standing room only is just not your thing. Well today is your lucky day! All of these MVP sessions are now posted on-demand. So sit back and elevate your skills through these powerful, hands-on training sessions from #FFDF14.

Advanced Apex Enterprise Patterns
by Andy Fawcett, CTO

Complex code can easily get out of hand without good design, so join us to understand how to apply the advanced design patterns used by experienced Salesforce developers. Starting with Interface and Base Class examples of OO design, we quickly move on to new design features, including Application Factory, Field Level Security Support, Selector FieldSet support and Dependency Injection, Mock Testing of Services, Domain, and Selector layers. You will gain insight as to when to apply these advanced Apex patterns, a key aspect to using them effectively.

Apex Flex Queue: Batch Apex Liberated
by Carolina Ruiz, Principal Developer in Product Innovation

The Apex Flex Queue brings an eagerly awaited update to batch Apex processing, allowing more jobs to be submitted at once and bringing greater control over queued jobs. Join us for an early look at this exciting new pilot feature.

Branding and Styling Your Salesforce Community
by Scott Geosits, Software Architect

Are you wondering what all the buzz is about Salesforce Communities? Or are you already using Communities but wishing there was a way to bring your Community look and feel more in line with your existing web presence? Join us to get a brief overview of Salesforce Communities to show you what’s possible and then dive into a technical demonstration of the various options for taking your Salesforce Community to the next level with custom branding and styling.

Faster SOQL? Yes, Please
by Chris Peterson, Sr. PSA Developer applications are dependent on database performance. Developers try to optimize their code but have had to run queries to see how they perform. Yet, developers sometimes end up finding out that the queries are non-selective only after deploying code to their organizations. Join us as we demonstrate how to determine what a selective filter is, use the Developer Console to test a query’s selectivity without running that query, and determine whether a query contains a selective filter.

Introducing the Salesforce platform Connect: Real-time Back Office
by Agustina Garcia Peralta, Principal Developer & Andy Fawcett

Join us to learn about Platform Connect, a new capability that can be leveraged for real-time data integration. Instead of traditional ETL or copying data, Platform Connect allows accessing external back-office data by reference without storing them in Salesforce. Data will be retrieved on-demand from data sources through the internet using Open Data (OData) protocol. It will then be presented in salesforce external object format such that high-level operations can be applied directly.

Magical External Objects: Seamless Integration is Here
by Agustina Garcia Peralta & Andy Fawcett

Join us as we take you through our experience with the External Objects pilot. With this new feature, you’ll be able to read information from outside the organization, a Google sheet, for instance, and use it in your daily job within Salesforce. And, this information will not be stored in your organization. You can use it like any other custom object (almost) without having to worry about the data storage limit or syncing data. Come see some use cases, learn how to create a link via a Heroku process or even using Salesforce directly, and how to integrate these objects and their data with your product.

The Salesforce Lego Machine Cloud
by Andy Fawcett
Everything is being connected to the Internet, even Robots built with Lego Mindstorm kits. Join us to learn how easy it is to build an app that controls multiple Lego Mindstorms Robots using the Salesforce platform APIs. It’s a great way to understand more about the APIs and to show off the power of the Salesforce platform to integrate with anything.

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