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A Day in the Life of a Sales Executive: FinancialForce SCM in Action

Are your teams spending more time trying to find, enter and manage data than focusing on growing your business? Are you making critical business decisions without a real time, 360 degree view of the business? If you’re using multiple systems that require cumbersome integration, it’s time to bring your Sales and Warehouse teams onto a single, comprehensive Supply Chain Management system on the Salesforce1 Platform. Here’s FinancialForce SCM in action:
With FinancialForce SCM, you can:
  • Manage multiple revenue models for goods and services in a single system
  • Leverage supplier catalogues to automate purchase orders
  • Manage warehouse and drop ship fulfillment in a single sales order
  • Use Chatter to get your teams talking & working together in real time
…And so much more. To really see our Supply Chain Management solution in action, register for a live demo webinar on Wednesday, June 25th or Wednesday, July 23.
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