Day 4 Dreamforce Highlights: A first-timer's perspective

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Day 4 Dreamforce Highlights: A first-timer's perspective

As a first time Dreamforce attendee everything was so new and exciting for me. I’ve always seen it from afar – a sea of people walking downtown with their Dreamforce badges – but this year I got to be a part of Dreamforce and experience it from the inside.

I got to learn what it takes to plan such an amazing event, from the impressive booth concepts to the Dreamfest celebration with two great acts, the Foo Fighters and the Killers. Day 1 through day 3 were filled with educational sessions and lively parties, but day 4 brought a little more relaxation and was the wrap to my Dreamforce journey. Here are some Day 4 highlights:

Visiting Developer Zone! Getting to see all the new exciting innovations coming up in the following years.Developer Zone

Being lighting-ready, I needed to check out’s lighting booth! Here’s Patrick manning the stand. lighting booth

It was awesome to check out the partner zone, which displayed all of our amazing Salesforce partners!Partner Zone

Taking a final walk through the Dreampark.Dreampark

Finally, relaxing, chatting and grabbing a cup of coffee (and drinking a mimosa) at FinancialForce Rehab party.Rehab

Till next year, Dreamforce!

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