Dawn of a new platform – cloud ERP on the Apple Watch?

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Dawn of a new platform – cloud ERP on the Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch will be appearing on a wrist near you in April and the massive community of Apple hardware fans get to experience what early adopter Android Wear users have known for a while now. Yes, notifications on your wrist can be very useful and after a while you start to realize how clunky, distracting, occasionally dangerous and indeed rude it can be to be rummaging around to find your phone in order to check what you think could be an important heads-up notification in your personal or business life.  Android Wear, Pebble and now Apple Watch introduce an at-a-glance method of communication that feels intuitive, dare I say more human, and makes you wonder why watches, so ubiquitous for so long, have remained basically a single function device until now.

FinancialForce.com customers are already very familiar with notifications coming from their ERP applications and find them easy to use and create intuitive workflow processes for managing common day-to-day business functions such as approval requests, customer issue escalations and key performance indicators going out of acceptable range.  Those notifications have long been accessible on their laptop and mobile devices and once again the key benefit of FinancialForce apps being built natively on the Salesforce1 platform means those notifications will become glances on their watches should our customers choose to do so.

It’s still early days for smart watches but the news from Apple this week will provide a major bump in adoption and just as we saw with smart phones and tablets in the past, the real excitement comes when 3rd party app developers start to come up with previously unheard of use cases for this new platform and user interface.

Will I be adding my name to the pre-order list on April 10th? Well yes, of course I will be. Purely for research purposes of course, so I might skip the $10k edition.

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