Customer reflections from Community Day London 2014

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Customer reflections from Community Day London 2014

Community Day London 2015 is just a little over a month away, and we couldn’t be more excited to get together with our customers once again.

To get a deeper look into the day from an attendee’s perspective, we sat down with Martin Eggleton of Sabio to get his reflections from last year’s event. As a FinancialForce user and someone who has attended all of our events, Martin has great insight into the value our customers can receive from attending Community Day.

Martin, what were your expectations going into Community Day 2014 and how previous events lived up to it?

My expectations were that I am taking a day out of the office and I want to be able to look back and think at the end of the day that it has been worthwhile. New knowledge gained or contacts made were both constituent parts to a successful day. I had never been disappointed before or felt that the day had not been worthwhile.

What did you learn?
I learned about more technical areas of the product set such as Clinklink and Output builder, which we have been able to take away and use in the business. I have learned about new products, SCM last year for instance, that we have been able to implement and see productivity improvements in the business.

How have you taken those learnings back and applied them in the business?
The community day is a great way to pick up hints, tips and best practices both from the FinancialForce technical teams and also other users. I usually leave the day with a list of areas to read up on and explore, which may be of use in our installations.

Did you make any connections at Community Day?
It is great to meet the wider FinancialForce Community, meet some of the Support Team and put names to faces. I have also made connections with other users and we have met and shared best practices on a number of areas.

Have the days helped you to extend the use of our applications?
Yes, you get to meet other users and share experiences on how they are using the systems, that you can then go and reuse. It was also an opportunity to see some of the deeper elements of the system; Clicklink, Output Builder, workflow, etc to see how you can make better use of the functionality within the platform. It is also a good forum to see the new products that FinancialForce are working on and see if there are other products that may support the business.

Did you have fun?!
The day is always relaxed, with a good balance of business and technical sessions. The after events are good fun to catch up with people and chat in an informal environment about the products but also to get time with the FinancialForce Senior Leaders to understand where the company is going. Committing to the FinancialForce product set is a big step and getting to meet the leaders provides a good feel for the stability and vision of the company.

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