Customer Q&A, NewVoiceMedia: 4 things to know about Financial Management Spring 16

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Customer Q&A, NewVoiceMedia: 4 things to know about Financial Management Spring 16

Following the Financial Management Spring release this year, we are seeing more of our customer base enjoy business benefits from the new functionality. The improved user experience offers more customisation so finance teams can work the way they wish to work and enables them to be more efficient, freeing up admin time to plough into more strategic work in driving business growth.

We caught up with one of our users, and a customer who is very active in our own community base to hear about his experience.

JustinWheatleyNVMJustin Wheatley is Director of Global Billing at New Voice Media, which sees him running the global billing team and having ownership of the ERP systems used within the business. Justin is also one of many customers we worked with to trial our new Financial Management features before we officially launched to our entire customer base.


What would you say has been the main takeaways you have seen from the improvements we have made with our recent Spring release?

The holy grail is to make a finance team less admin-focused and more focused on strategy. It is only then that we can more actively contribute to business growth instead of just keeping the cogs whirring. The new functionality with this release helps us do that through creating more efficient processes. For example, being able to customise input forms creates more simplicity for our team – the most important and relevant information to us as a business is displayed on screen which saves time with billing. We are using these in journals, as well as sales and purchase invoices, and credits.

Our core business focus is to revolutionise customer engagement, so we need to ensure we ‘walk the walk’ as well as ‘talk the talk’. Our financial processes should contribute to helping us realise our vision so we can engage with customers the best way possible in every step of their journey with us.

We also worked hard to improve the user experience with this release. How have you found the changes?

Aside from creating more efficiency for finance data entry, it looks ‘prettier’ for the user which in itself makes it easier and more pleasant to work with on a daily basis for our team. We had already seen some movement towards a new look with FinancialForce RevRec and Action Views and we do really like it.

What has the feedback been like from your team members?

Great! To give an example, my accounts payable team was really excited with something that seems quite simple, but will make their lives much easier and enable them to increase their speed of working. They love that you can turn a payable invoice into a payable credit at the touch of a button and commented it is a very underrated piece of functionality.

Are there any other comments you would like to make?

We’re pleased to see that FinancialForce, as our chosen finance partner, is continuously innovating to help improve how we do business. In other recent releases, we wanted to highlight how much more efficient we can be with Action Views. The ability to drill down into the invoice and customer account at the touch of a button saves so much time and effort.

As we continue to scale globally as a business we know that FinancialForce can help to support our rapid growth.  

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