Customer blog: FinancialForce – adventures in integration

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Customer blog: FinancialForce – adventures in integration

Damian Saunders at customer Cogent recently blogged about his experience so far with FinancialForce Accounting. In future blog posts, he promises to convey their experience, what they have learned, what they like, what they don’t like and how it’s working for them. So far, the experience has been a good one. He says “FinancialForce emerged as an option right about the time we realized that there was a gaping need to integrate the Company’s financial management with our CRM platform.

We didn’t have an issue with our previous application, we were familiar with it, it’s widely used and accepted, and it did everything we needed, except integrate with Salesforce, or not in a way that we wanted it to… …FinancialForce gave us that integration. In fact FinancialForce is so integrated with Salesforce that the entire application is as one. We now have complete visibility of our Clients, and Vendors, from initial contact all the way through to invoicing and payment.”

We measure our success on the feedback we get from customers and it’s exciting being able to talk to our customers directly. Damian’s enthusiasm and understanding of cloud developments is a pleasure to see. We hope to hear more about his experiences soon and as always encourage feedback and input into future product versions.

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