Community Day Reflections

Community Day Reflections

It was with a weary yet triumphant  spring in my step that I boarded my British Airways flight back to the UK following our second US Community event in San Francisco last week. With nearly 3 times more customers in attendance than last year, the day got off to a flying start with a Keynote from CEO Jeremy Roche. He highlighted where we are as a company, our recent acquisitions of Less Software and Vana Workforce, the winners of the FinancialForce 360s Customer Excellence Awards, and our recent Revenue Recognition release and upcoming roadmap. Customers then went their separate ways for our product breakout sessions, some of which were standing room only they were so popular. Now that I have had time to recover from the excitement, the traveling and the sponsor cocktails that were consumed at our Community Gala, I am sitting at my desk in our UK office reading through some of the customer feedback we received and wanted to share some of the enthusiasm our customers have for our products and our team. “The event actually exceeded my expectations. I am impressed by the leadership and looking forward to the Community build out.” “FinancialForce hits it out of the park with Community Day! packed with great information and worth my time every year!” After months of planning it is great to see so many customers attend and to hear that they all took a lot away from the day and are looking to learn tips and tricks to help them optimize their use of our products. All feedback will be built into future customer events and I look forward to seeing even more customers at our next event.

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