Community Day 2014 recap – thanks to our customers

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Community Day 2014 recap – thanks to our customers

When Dave Hendrickson kicked-off FinancialForce Community Day 2014, I think some of us were unaware of the energy and excitement that we were about to deliver to our customers.  It’s you – our customers – that make Community Day successful. Not to mention customers tweeting throughout the day was an added social bonus!

We heard from Dave how we’ve grown as a community – from a small luncheon 4 years ago to our largest event this year with over 300 customers attending the day and sessions at ERPcentral. We announced the release of Community 2.0, a new destination for customers, partners and employees of to interact and collaborate, which means we can all make every day, Community Day.  We look forward to engaging more with customers and having you establish your own groups to learn, ask questions and solve problems.

Our CEO Jeremy Roche shared some exciting news with the announcement of “Everyday HCM.” Breaking down the walls is as critical to your employees as it is to your customers – and the war on talent is now on with the Everyday Way.  And what did you think about the wearable technology video and Every Wear ERP!  Who’s going to be our first customer to talk about their use of that?

community day 2014 grand hyatt
The calm before the excitement of Community Day 2014 at the Grand Hyatt SF

Breaking News urged Jeremy to rush on stage to tell us about joining the new Salesforce Analytics Cloud Ecosystem.  Wave, the Salesforce Analytics Cloud, is the first cloud analytics platform and customers using FinancialForce ERP with Wave will gain unprecedented cross-departmental insight. Watch out for more on this.


Every year we like to recognize and nominate our customers in the 360s Awards and the great work they are achieving with our applications. Our congratulations go out to this year’s winners.

The prize catch of the day was Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec who came on stage and wowed the crowd with his stories from the acclaimed ABC television show and from his experiences in business. We hope you all enjoyed hearing from Robert and congratulations to the lucky person who won the one on one with Robert – we are sure it was memorable.

Robert Herjavec FinancialForce Community Day 2014
Robert Herjavec speaking at FinancialForce Community Day 2014

And let’s not forget about the afternoon product sessions packed with valuable information and tips for optimizing use of our applications. This year we hired a separate venue for sessions aimed at non customers and customers interested in growing their use of our applications – ERPcentral – which was a smashing success!  Thanks to all our customers who attended and participated. We hope you enjoyed the sessions, the video feeds, meeting up with a few of our executives and a quiet place to chill.

Breakout Sessions at FinancialForce Community Day 2014
Mike Flanagan in a FinancialForce SCM session at Community Day 2014

Finally, who could forget our customer appreciation party at Local Edition later that night? We had so much fun dancing and chatting over drinks with you all. Thank you for coming and showing off your dancing feet!

community day party
Community Day customer appreciation party at Local Edition

We will be in the throes of planning next year’s event soon, so please provide your feedback.  Don’t forget Robert’s words – “What you’re doing is really hard… but you can do more.” We want to do more to make each Community Day better than the last.

Our customer, Community Day attendee and session panelist, Alan Hall of Jacobus Consulting, said: “We were all very excited to see what is coming up next on each of the applications and even more excited to see that ideas or issues that we had dealt with in the past were actually being addressed in a manner that is beneficial for the entire community and not just our organization. It was especially helpful to see the panel discussions during the breakouts, that included folks that were at different stages of use with the system. To hear about their past experience with set up and optimization was invaluable.” Make sure you visit the new Community site today and get involved in the conversation… After all, a year is too long a wait to hear from you.
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