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Cloud ERP buyer's guide: How to choose the right ERP suite for your needs

The world of business applications is constantly shifting and vendors are building more and more apps to keep up with the boom. As these vendors’ repertoire of applications grows, they tend to be joined together in “suites.”

No one application suite is the same, especially in the world of ERP software. In fact, there are several different factors to consider when deciding which ERP suite is right for your business:

  • Some suites are limited to a single function (i.e. only finance and not services)
  • Others work better for companies in specific verticals (i.e. best for manufacturing rather than SaaS)
  • Many look functionally complete, yet the technology is out of date

While these three factors are important to chew over, also consider this: while vendors are joining apps together in an attempt to create a functional ERP suite, what they are creating could be a big, messy ERP hairball. Thus, another important factor is the platform on which the ERP suite you choose lives on. Imagine having a single cloud platform where your ERP suite and CRM can live in perfect harmony? Well, this is a reality.

If you’re shopping around for the perfect Cloud ERP suite, check out Vital Analysis’ ERP Buyer’s Guide: Emergence of Cloud ERP Suites.

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