Closing the CRM to Accounting Cycle

Closing the CRM to Accounting Cycle

Emma Keates
Last week, we announced Winter ’11 of FinancialForce Accounting and an exciting new Sales Order application. As well as significant new features and enhancements in Winter ’11, we believe Sales Orders make the combined and applications the first, and only end-to-end CRM to Accounting solution available on the platform. Sales orders can be created from an opportunity or quote in a single click. High volume organizations can produce orders automatically in the background, benefiting from a “no touch” order processing environment, eliminating rekeying or the need for a detached order system between the CRM and finance functions. After a sales order is approved, users can instantly create an invoice from the order and produce the associated accounting entries by using FinancialForce Billing. The end result is a seamless process that completes the Opportunity to Cash or Quote to Cash cycles all on the same cloud platform. The key thing here is the ability for customers to take a customer centric approach to Sales Orders. Everyone involved in the process will be connected. Finance teams benefit from an iron clad audit trail and customer facing employees benefit from a complete view of the financial activity from within Salesforce CRM, so they can understand the customer’s current credit status and payment history. For more information please visit our new website or read the full announcement.

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