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Choose the right project management software for your Services business

Have you made the decision to introduce project management software into your business? Or is it something you have contemplated and want to understand more about the positive difference it could make? What are the next steps?

Sit back and relax at our breakfast seminar event on Thursday (8th) September from 8-11am and let our selection of industry speakers guide you. They will explain the real value and direction of the latest professional services systems, how to work with software vendors to get the best results and how to guarantee a smooth implementation to elevate your business.

The event takes place at one of London’s most iconic hotels – The Dorchester, where you can also enjoy a full English breakfast during the morning.

Come along for an educational event around professional services management. Find out how you could gain unprecedented visibility into your business across sales, services, delivery and finance. Learn how your system could help you keep projects on time, customers happy and reports up to date.

We have an array of expert speakers to educate and guide you:

1af9481Steve Brooks, Industry Journalist & Director at Synonym Ltd

Steve will discuss key points to look for when evaluating new Professional Services software systems, such as selecting the right platform, ensuring it complies with industry regulations and building a business case for a system that scales up as your company grows.  

MartinEggletonMartin Eggleton, Sabio Ltd

Martin oversaw the procurement and implementation of Professional Services Automation Software at Sabio and will share his experience of moving to a cloud based model.



Gary will explain the software selection process from a vendor’s perspective, how to go about working with a supplier and get the best out of them.


0eeeaf3Craig Turner, Business Consultant, FinancialForce

Craig  is a seasoned business consultant who will discuss the implementation process and things to look out for to ensure smooth migration to new Professional Services Software.


Register here to join us for a full english breakfast and learn all you need to know to take the next step and make the right decision for your business.

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