Q&A: Meet Charles Ashworth, our new VP of Employee Success

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Q&A: Meet Charles Ashworth, our new VP of Employee Success

You’ve likely heard by now that Charles Ashworth has joined FinancialForce.com as our VP of Employee Success. We have always prioritized our collaborative culture and commitment to employee satisfaction, and have been recognized by the industry as one of the best places to work. And we are not stopping there! In this Q&A, Charles talked about why employee success is an important piece of the startup puzzle and what he hopes to bring to FinancialForce.com

1. Hi Charles!  Welcome!  What about FinancialForce.com attracted your attention?  

Thanks. It’s great to be here.  Quite simply, it’s the people and amazing products.  I was excited and inspired to partner with Jeremy Roche after several discussions regarding his vision around company direction, meeting his team and understanding their collective desire to have a strong people voice at the table.  You don’t often encounter a management team and company whose employee focused culture and drive to succeed are embedded in every fiber of the company.

2. Why is employee success so important to fast-growth companies like FinancialForce.com? 

We are going through a big transition from startup to a larger growth company. With that comes rapid hiring,  new systems, opening of additional offices and the challenges with ramping and developing employees globally. The people challenges that go with scaling fast-growth companies can often limit the company’s ability to get to the next level. Employee Success plays a key role in removing those limitations by putting strategies in place that enable a high performance environment while cultivating our winning culture that places high value on our employees.

3. What are some priorities for you as our VP of Employee Success?  What type of impact do you hope to make?  

My priority is to build on the core values on which the company was founded, focus on innovation and scaling with growth, foster our relentless commitment to our employees, and make FinancialForce.com the employer of choice. Statistics show that companies that have high engagement and a high performing workforce have a marked difference in their productivity, revenue and market share. That is one of the greatest impacts I can make in the company!

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