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Embracing change

There is no denying that progress is often driven by change. Yet change can also get in the way.  I remember the pain when I switched jobs and started working for a multinational company and found myself using many different tools for many different HR purposes. There was a tool used for my Goals and Performance Management which took a long time to learn, and was used so very little.  Next thing I found is a new tool to fill my time sheet. I was fine with this because I was using it every week and got a good handle into it, but was frustrated to find out there was yet another new tool to fill any absence(s) or time offs; another tool if I have to do a job referral for a particular person; and even another tool if I have to change my payroll information. All these processes felt miserable and time consuming. Even after getting used to it, I found I started to hate change or learn anything new on the project management front (at least the things that were not related to my core competency). If change is often considered as a positive sign of progress, why do people so naively resist it? I recently read that 70% of organizations struggle to manage change effectively. As in my story, this can be avoided by leveraging solutions that minimize the impact of that change to employees. Why don’t we have HR software that employees can use for all-purposes – a single app that you can fill in absences, enter and submit time sheets, check benefits and payroll, and track goals and performance?  Now when I look at this scenario, I feel so proud to be working with a product called Financialforce HCM.  FinancialForce.com brings you a complete and integrated human capital management (HCM) solution that supports the whole HR spectrum – your human resource system of record, benefits & compensation, absence management, performance and talent management, career and succession planning, workforce collaboration, and workforce analytics. Now change and progress go hand in hand.
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