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Celebrating and thanking our interns from Rwanda

At FinancialForce we strive for mutual success in all of our corporate relationships. This includes our interactions with customers, partners, employees, and within the communities we help serve.  

From August through November we celebrated one of these interdependent relationships with two university graduate interns from Rwanda, Pascaline Ingabire (pictured bottom row/3rd from right) and Kevin Kabera (bottom row/1st on right) working as professional developers for FinancialForce. It was an experience fueled by enthusiasm and unwavering focus for mutual success.   

These Numbers 

The non-profit organization, These Numbers, is a FinancialForce4Good partner focused on investing in the next generation of African leaders. The recent Computer Science graduates, Pascaline and Kevin were among a select few chosen to be part of These Numbers Have Faces’ Professional Internship Program.  As aspiring professional developers, they were perfect fits for the FinancialForce Product Engineering team, working under the leadership of Alexandre Dalzochio.

Impressive contributions

The Product Development organization, and FinancialForce as a whole, is always looking for ways to better engage with customers and help them get the most out of our products. With that in mind, an internal “customer telemetry” development project launched with a goal to extend our latest reporting, analytics, and AI/ML approaches to customers (a big-time company initiative). Thanks to the tremendous development work of Pascaline and Kevin that project has made significant progress! They were able to work under the guidance of our CTO Andy Fawcett, one of our most experienced architects, and development lead, getting hands-on experience in cutting-edge technology such as Node.js, PostgreSQL, and the platform at the same time.

Well-deserved thank you

Not only did we make progress on a strategic priority of the business, the development team was energized by their presence, different perspectives, and opportunities to mentor. We want to again take this moment to celebrate the impact, both personally and professionally, that Pascaline and Kevin made for us here at FinancialForce.  Thank you. 


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