Automating Services Quote-to-Cash: Emergence of CPQ for Services

Professional Services Automation
  • Why platform matters to project and services driven businesses

  • Why creating customer centricity is critical for competitive advantage in business services

  • 9 ways to make customer success a key metric in your business

  • Creating customer-centric change in a technology business

  • Why you should be looking at the platform and not just the cloud

  • How to put the customer at the center of your business

  • Why enterprises struggle to achieve professional services nirvana

  • Capturing lost revenue: The imperative to close the gap between service quoting and delivery

  • Why customer insight must be a top business priority

  • Digital transformation: Explore the real business benefits of automation and analytics

  • Service delivery lessons from 2020: Thriving in good times and bad

  • Winter 2021 Release: Bringing more predictability and ease-of-use to your services business